Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Second Life Object Creation

In this post I'll be creating a chair in Second Life.

Objects and things in Second Life are called Prims. Creating a chair was fairly straightforward.

First, a simple Cylinder prim was created.

Creating a cylinder.

The GUI provides some easy editing tools. I was able to change the object's size, shape, and texture, all from a properties-like panel.

I then replicated the same Cylinder four times, resized two, and arranged them in a chair-like arrangement.

Creating four cylinder objects and repositioning them.

I then created the chair's bottom and back, and precisely positioned them using the GUI.

Adding the chair bottom and back.

I then grouped together the objects into one prim. The chair was now looking good. All I had to do now was sit on it!

Setting the sit target

I had to change some of the default variables so that my avatar would consistently sit correctly on the chair. All that entailed was calling the llSitTarget method.

state_entry() {
    llSitTarget(<0.2, 0.0, 0.6>, ZERO_ROTATION);

After that, my avatar would sit on the chair quite nicely.

Taking a breather.

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